Product image
Product parameters
Model: YDBTA5-14
Voltage: 5V working voltage
Powered by: USB-TYPE-C
Power: 8W
Connect: Bluetooth5.1
Working hours: 1.5-3hours
Charge Instructions: Charging lights, lights out the
charging is completed.
Standby power: 3.5MA
Charging time: 4-5hours
Key Function
Key Function


  • Installation Diagram
Bluetooth Speaker:
1.Night light Boot up.
2.The mobile phone turns on the Bluetooth to find the CL Night Lamp and pair it.
3.The pairing is successful, and the Bluetooth speaker will beep Bluetooth connected.
4.Play mobile phone music.
  • Applications
Living room, bedroom, study room, can be used as night light, outdoor camping portable, etc.
With Bluetooth connection playback function,
it can be used as a small speaker.
Support multiple adjustment methods such as
breathing and jumping.
Can be used as a speaker,night light, outdoor
camping portable.
USB interface, built-in battery 5V DC power supply/charge.
Packing List
Night light + user manual + USB charging cable