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Product parameters
Model: FWWSA1-1302
Colour: RGB
Voltage: DC 5V
Current: 1400mA
Power: Max. 3.5W*2
Connection: APP(Smart Life)+IR
Waterproof: IP40
Working temp: -20℃~45℃
Dimension(mm): W75*L32.8*H300
Interface ordering: V+ DIN V
APP Control
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth dual mode Control and 19-key infrared remote control

  • Installation Diagram
Solution 1: Vertical type

1. Align the screw holes between the bottom of the lamp and the base, keep the lamp alignment

with the supporter on the base.
2. Insert the screw into the screw holes, and tighten the screw using a hexagon wrench.
3. Doublecheck if the bottom of the lamp has been well appressed with the supporter of the base.
4. Please do not rotate the lamp once the lamp has been locked into the base.

Solution 2: Adhesive
1. Tear off the self-adhesive paper from the 3M tape, and paste the 3M tape onto the
dimple at the back of the lamp.

2. Wipe and clean the surface of the object, and paste the lamp onto the object.

  • Smart Life
Color temperature / color change / scene application / custom scene / time switch Voice control
WIFI+ BLE dual mode communication,controlled by mobile smart life APP,supports Android and
IOS system;
Third-party smart speakers that support voice control: Amazon speakers, Google Assistant,
Xiaodu, etc.;
The APP operation functions are diversified: timing, color adjustment, group control, account
sharing, and remote control after connecting to the network;
5V power supply mini controller 19-key infrared remote control-supports remote
dimming, color adjustment, music mode, running and other functions;
Music mode: Built-in music sensor, can receive external music, the color and change speed of the
light can be changed synchronously with the rhythm of the music.
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