International Certification
NO Certification
power supply
Plug-in power supply
Plug type: US Plug
Input voltage:100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Plug type: EU / AU / UK
Input voltage:220-240VAC 50-60Hz
Output voltage:DC 12V
Light strip
LED strip
Model: CL-5050RGB024HL12-W10
Voltage: DC 12V
Colour: RGB
Power: 15W / 5m / roll
IP rating: IP20 / IP65
LED QTY: 120 LEDs / 5m / roll
Min Cut-Size: 125 mm
Dimension: W10*L5000 mm
  • Parameters
Model: CLIHC9-23
Voltage: DC 12V
Colour: RGB
Current: 3A
Power: 36W
Connection: IR
IP rating: IP20
Dimension: L175*W35*H18mm
remote control
  • IR Parameters
Control distance: 5-8m
Dimension: 124*55*7.5 mm
Color of remote control: black/white
Model: CLIHR4-83
Input Voltage: 3V, button cell
Connection: IR
Remarks: Please refer to user's manual
for more operation details.
wireless communication
20 meters of wireless barrier-free remote control distance, the signal is not blocked by obstacles, and has the ability to penetrate
① Controller
Dimension: L175*W35*H18mm
② LED strip
Dimension: W10*L5000 mm
③ Remote control
Dimension: 124*55*7.5 mm
Installation Diagram
◎ When connecting the light strip and the controller, please pay attention to the arrow mark both
on the LED light strip and the connector of the controller
◎ The output voltage of the adapter and the controller is the same as light strip
Packing List
Power supply × 1 / controller × 1 / LED strip × 1 / remote control × 1 / instruction manual × 1
◎ Please operate and control according to the instruction manual;
◎ The output voltage of the power supply and controller should be the same as the working voltage of the light strip;
◎ Accessories are not included, please contact the our sales if needed.