Colorful and Smart Life - Review for 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition CL LIGHTING booth

Date : 2019-06-14Read : 2050 times

9 to 12June,2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) held in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair, from22countries and regions, 2626 exhibitors brand, full display advanced lighting related products and innovative applications.With its creative booth design, intelligent control and high-quality products, CL LIGHTING Exhibition Hall has attracted many domestic and foreign architectural and lighting contractors, designers and wholesalers to visit and negotiate, and become a beautiful landscape in GILE.

On The GILE, Shenzhen CL Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has a booth area of about70square meters. The theme of the booth is “Colorful and Smart Life”, which mainly displays the company's newly developed smart controller led strip set and the track rail linear lighting generation I and II.

The track liner light generation I and II are especially suitable for commercial applications, compatible with the common six European track light brands, and have a variety of illumination angles (30degrees,60degrees, 90degrees,20degrees of polarization, double Side light30degrees, etc.,) and high color rendering index fresh line lights. The track lights correspond to complete accessories, including emergency lights, signs (with emergency lights), tag hooks, etc. The second generation of track liner lights uses higher brightness beads and a slimmer design. The track liner light series has been well received by the majority of exhibitors.

As the highlight of this GILE, the LED light strips and liner lights products of CL LIGHTING went to the booth to inquire about the endless stream of Chinese and foreign businessmen. If you want to sourcing more LED strip and linear or track lights, welcome to visit the website