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As one of the leading IOT+Smart light solution provider, CL Lighting attend most of the famous light fair in the past years and 2019. As a review, CL Lighting has attended 5 professional lighting exhibition in 2019.

1.HK Light Fair 2019 Spring Edition in early April,
2.24th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in June 9th-12th,
3.Shanghai International lighting fair in Spet 3rd-5th,
4.Light Middle East during Oct. 15th - 17th,
5.HK light fair 2019 Autumn Edition during Oct. 27th- 30th.

Shenzhen CL Lighting Technology Co., Ltd has achieve great success in 2019 from the 5 professional light fairs. Especially for the fast growing IOT & Smartlight market, Cl has exported almost 1 million sets of smart strip lighting kits to oversea markets. Year on year growth over 90% compare to 2018.

How will CL Lighting achieve their new goals with twice of YOY growth in 2020 ? Asked from the CEO during the year-end summary conference. To achieve the goal, we will increase the marketing investments in the new year, because we believe no pay no gain. As one of the important marketing activity and most successfully and highest efficiency way to get orders, combine with CL’s developing strategy and marketing plan, CL Lighting will spend more money to the top 5 professional lighting fair in the world.

1.    Light+Building Frankfurt (Mar. 8th - 13th) - Most famous lighting exhibitions in Europe.
2.    LFI Las Vegas (May 5th - 7th) - Most famous lighting fair in North America.
3.    25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Jun. 9th - 12th) - China’s biggest and most professional lighting exhibition
4.    LIGHT MIDDLE EAST(Oct. 15th - 17th) - Most important lighting exhibition in Middle East area.
5.    Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Oct. 27th - 30th) - Most important lighting fair in Asia.

Besides the above top 5 messes, CL will also attend some professional light fair like Shanghai international lighting exhibition, Interlight Moscow etc.

What will be the theme for all these professional lighting fairs? The answer is SMARTLIGHT & SMART LIFE, said by Peter - the sales director of CL. According to the latest IDC report and prediction, SMART HOME will be the biggest consuming sector of IOT by 2023. The report also noted in earlier of the year that global shipments of smart home devices will exceed 800 million units in 2019 and expect to increase to 1.6 billion units by 2023. This is a trend that contains hundreds of billions of dollars market opportunities according to the reports.
As one of the main factors of the IOT and smart home, how will the smart lighting perform in the market? One of the research report by China business industry research institute shows that the scale of smart lighting devices is dramatically increasing year by year from 14.7 billion Yuan since 2017 to an expected 27.8 billion Yuan by 2020.

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