[attack and defend] Banqcn Technology Group CL LIGHTING CEO Zhang Cailan: Stick to the quality lifeline Attack the new market

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New economy, new pattern, new kinetic energy. Digital power is reshaping the lighting industry value chain. The theme of the 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) is set to “Thinking Lighting, Attack and Defense” to discuss the success between the offensive and defensive companies in the local and global context. Tao, gathering wisdom and thinking, creating a new situation in the industry.

【攻与守】圣心科技集团张彩兰:坚守品质生命线 进攻新市场

[attack and defend] Banqcn Technology Group Zhang Cailan: Stick to the quality lifeline Attack the new market
We focus on the development of the LED industry innovation field. In this context, GILE visited a number of outstanding exhibitors and industry guests, recorded a series of interviews on "Attack and Guard", shared the future development plan of the company and the development of China's LED innovation industry, focused on the wisdom of the guests, and outlined the overall picture of China's LED era. In the hundreds of talks, in-depth interpretation of the new era of lighting and offensive and defensive. 2019, is it struggling to attack the strong, or to hold the position? In this episode, we entered the high-end LED commercial lighting brand company Shengxin Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as Banqcn Group), and talked to Ms. Zhang Cailan, the general manager of Shengxin Group.

[attack and defend] Banqcn Technology Group Zhang Cailan: Stick to the quality lifeline Attack the new market

【攻与守】圣心科技集团张彩兰:坚守品质生命线 进攻新市场

"'Offensive, offensive, offensive', our slogan this year is very compatible with the theme of Guangya Exhibition." The Banqcn Group's strategy this year is more biased towards attack. Ms. Zhang Cailan said, "The choice of attack lies in our current products and markets. It has not been fully rolled out, so it must be taken offensively, and the product quality, innovation, market and customers will be attacked step by step; keep the heart and mind, let the political or economic environment change, we always maintain the product quality. Change and serve customers with heart."

In the past ten years, Banqcn Group has grown steadily and gradually became a well-known export brand of LED lighting fixtures in China. In the view of Ms. Zhang Cailan, this benefited from three aspects. First, the company paid attention to the precipitation of corporate culture. "One of the core values of our corporate culture is to help others realize their dreams and achieve their dreams. At the same time, we adhere to the standards of employment, learning, morality, and education, and have created a team that can recruit good wars."

The second is to focus on product innovation. In the past ten years, Banqcn Group has made product innovation, optimization and improvement a top priority; thirdly, product quality is the lifeline of the company. The production, design and verification from the beginning of the product have been checked through layers, and the proportion of failed products has been kept to a very low level for ten years.

[attack and defend] Banqcn Technology Group Zhang Cailan: Stick to the quality lifeline Attack the new market

Control over product quality. The Banqcn Group is particularly rigorous. First of all, in terms of employing people, the company has more than 30 R&D talents with more than 15 years of industry experience, and has completed more than 80 patents, helping the Group to create its own brand. In the establishment of quality system, the company has nearly 40 15 years of experience. The above quality personnel, and invested in the establishment of a dedicated laboratory, equipped with the same authority and certification equipment as the certification body; in the entire quality of the manufacturing process, from design, production to molding, after four months of strict Check the test verification cycle and finally pass the market.

In terms of products, intelligent intelligence, and specialized upgrades in the field of subdivision are the future development direction of the products. Since 2015, Banqcn Group has invested in the research and development of intelligent lighting products. After more than three years of precipitation, the products have obtained a large number of products. Customer's recognition, "We will continue to dig deeper and improve in smart products in the future."

In addition, customer needs are a direction for future development. Ms. Zhang Cailan said, “At this stage, the LED lighting industry has not yet reached saturation. As long as the customer demand is grasped, the market will be there.”

[attack and defend] Banqcn Technology Group Zhang Cailan: Stick to the quality lifeline Attack the new market
From the perspective of the global macroeconomic environment, lighting companies will embrace various development opportunities from both home and abroad, and at the same time always meet the challenges of the country. In the fusion phase of the industry, how should companies seize opportunities and embrace challenges? In this regard, Ms. Zhang Cailan put forward three suggestions. “The first point is not forgetting the initial heart and keeping in mind the mission; the second point is to do both internal and external training and to cultivate the internal strength of the product; the third point is to take the rough and improve the strength and avoid the shortcomings.”

"Winning is a toast, and defeat is a rescue." She said, "We always keep in mind the company's mission, constantly improve our shortcomings, make it a longboard, and achieve the company's goals."

It is understood that Ms. Zhang Cailan has entered the LED lighting industry for nearly ten years and has been adhering to the lighting industry and working quietly. "LED This product allows us to focus on the Banqcn Group, including individuals, in the entire industry, to find out the value of their existence. 'Lighting the world, making the future', as long as there is a night, there is the value of lighting, which is why we stick to the lighting industry. We also hope that the industry will be more professional, precise, information and data."

[attack and defend] Banqcn Technology Group Zhang Cailan: Stick to the quality lifeline Attack the new market
【攻与守】圣心科技集团张彩兰:坚守品质生命线 进攻新市场
Ms. Zhang Cailan and the photo of Aladdin Lighting Network reporter

In the process of attacking and defending, in the process of chasing the target, they do not confuse the problem and the resistance, do not confuse the achievement and the reputation, and reprint the coordinates of the time. The former road to the mission, endeavor to rely on the initial heart.

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