Let us meet in the Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2019

Date : 2019-05-25Read : 1317 times

As one of the top fair lighting throughout the world, Guangzhou Lighting fair is going to be held in China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall during 9th~12th, June, 2019, drawing the attentions of the 156,898 visitors from 134 countries, which is 8.1% higher than last year. The Top 8 visitors are from the countries like Korea,Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia, India, USA, Russia, Australia. 2,428 exhibitors from 21 different areas are gathering in the 210,000 m2 showing room, displaying the most advanced and innovative lighting products.

The professional visitors come from ranges of fields, including traders, manufactures, projectors, others associates and related Media. And the Exhibitors are not only covering from world -class companies like Philips lighting, Osram lighting, GE lighting but also the most famous lighting companies in Shenzhen Such as Shenzhen CL lighting, BANQCN Lighting.

Many industries like Materials, Chips, LED lighting source, LED drivers, Modules, light engine, light applications are all included in the Guangzhou Lighting Fair, which helps to mix the LED lighting Systems, and 360°show width and length of the whole industrial innovative value, the innovation and cooperation in different areas.

It is not peace in LED lighting business in 2019, and different events happen, such as the shadow for the North-America markets only companies in the China-US trade War, Cree Lighting Sold to IDEAL INDUSTRIES, GE Sold its brand Current to AIP, etc. But as a company non-stop innovations, continual, persistent, Shenzhen CL lighting ,make a early plan in Smart LED Strip light, decorative linear light, so as to build its own MOAT and finally to shape its own brand.

In Hall 4.1, C40 Booth, Shenzhen CL lighting will show:

1. Long length 2835 Constant current LED Strip light

2. Non blind and dark areas 700 LEDs/M 2110 engineering LED Strip light

3. Smart W/CW/RGB/RGBW/RGBWW WIFI/Bluetooth/2.4G App controlled LED Strip light set

4. The 1st/2nd linear track light, including Emergency light and instruction light in track

Here Shenzhen CL lighting is looking forward to your coming.