2020 Smart Tuya WIFI+Music Dance LED Strip

Date : 2020-06-26Read : 1422 times

  Fed up with the regular LED strip light? Maybe Shenzhen CL lighting LED strip could help to highly entertain yourself!
Compared with regular LED Strip light, the Shenzhen CL lighting smart LED Strip could be connected with smart cell phone, and also able to change 16 million colors via a small controller. And the regular LED strip could only show one color, however CL lighting LED Strip could demonstrate the changeable colors as you wish.

CL lighting Smart LED Strip could help to wake you up and change color with the Music Dance

On the other hand, it is a very good news for the music lovers! Because MIC and Music chips are included in the smart controller, so the controller could HEAR and ANALYSE the music around, the it will REACT---Changing color and brightness and dance to the music! This is a very practical function for festival and party! You can imagine, when the party is over, your friends are leaving, the CL lighting strip will become dark, showing one color and disappear.

Besides, it has more functions. E.G, if you hate the annoyed noisy clock in the morning, maybe you could consider the time set function in the smart LED Strip. When you set the time, the CL lighting LED Strip will be lit and call you to wake up! What’s more, if you have a phone call in the night, you could set flash mode, rather than the call ring to bother your other family members.

Tuya Smart LED Modules are included in this LED Strip, so it could interact with the Amazon Or Google Cloud, so it could hear your order and operate as you request to some situations.

In the future, more useful functions could be included ,such as flashing to tell you the supper is ready, let’s look and see!