Something About Smart LED Strip

Date : 2020-05-25Read : 1314 times

Something About Smart LED Strip
If you are still thinking the LED Strip just for decoration, illumination, then you are already out of date!

Here we could introduce a special LED strip-- Smart LED Strip light kits!
It is not juts applied to home decor, bendable, adjustable, color full your home,
But now also be able to voice activated, remote control, time set but also 16 Millions color to choose from!
Now your home is not a house but a Cinema and Party!

Yes , this LED Strip could be now turned into smart one and could listen to your orders!
They are manufactured by Shenzhen CL lighting Co.,LTD, whose main business is LED Strip light.
They make the LED Strip smart because they use the latest IOT Tuya Smart technology and it is widely accepted, higher efficient, and convenient for the current markets!

1. Smart Time Set

Maybe you think time set function exists only in digital Clock, but now it also happens in CL lighting LED Strip light! Magic Ribbons!
Smart for Time set, and Smart for The LED Strip
Do pls come to have some fun in it very soon!

2. Voice Activated

For traditional lamps, it is seemed you always take much more time to locate the on/off switch, much too annoyed and troublesome!
Now you have an alternative choice! Just TALK to the LED Strip light!
The Shenzhen CL lighting Smart LED Strip could be connected with Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, so it is very easy for you to dim the brightness, change the colors. Just talk to them, then they could work as you requested, ON/OFF Switch, Brightness changeable, Color Adjustable done in 1 second, faster than to search the switch.
It bring much more convenience to your home life.

3. Long Distance Remote control

Smart home can not be excluded Long Distance Remote control, because they are all high-tech smart home products, and they could be controlled by APP.
When you work in the office or Travelling outside you could still control it.

4. Color Changeable

You could not do what you have never think of.

There are 16 millions color included in the LED Strip, single color, Multi color changeable, color jump, color flash, and the LED Strip could hear the Music around,then change the color just like it dances to the rythme.
In a second your home becomes the the DJ club and party palace! Very suitable for the lovers date.
Besides, the smart LED strip could be cut as you wish, the time you stick and the time you use, sticking to anywhere at home, for example in the all, desk backside,TV background, and also fixed on the home fans.
You need just tear the 3M Adhesive and stick to anywhere you want.

Convenient and simple applications!