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5050RGBW flexible led strip

  • 5050 RGBW flexible LED strip
  • Max length: 5m
  • Voltage : DC 5V/12V/24V
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Multi-Colors and color changing modes
  • With CE,UL,RoHS,GS Certification
LED Strips: SMD5050 RGBW LED strip light. IP rating: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68, can be used indoor or outdoor decoration.
Multi-Color & DIY: LED strip lights with changeable colors and speed automatically and periodically. It has not only RGB,16 multicolored options, but also has the DIY selection to create your customized led mood lighting.
Good & Full Material: Using double layer copper on PCB board to make sure the product quality. RGB led strip with RGB controllers to achieve single color or various colors and brightness adjustable come with the various atmosphere. Input voltage DC 5V to 24V makes sure the safety for adults and kids.
Easy Installation & Use: led strip lights can be cuttable based on the cutting mark. 3M self-adhesive tape for convenient installation on any dry and flat surface.
Description  SKU Vol. CCT CRI lm/M & lm/led W/M & W/group LEDs/M & LEDs/group Min.Cut-size Max. length
1 led;4 in 1 CL-5050RGBXW060HY12-W12 DC12V RGB+2700-6500K 80 380LM/M、6-8LM 4.8W(W)+14.4W(RGB)/M、0.24W(W)+0.72W(RGB)/group 60LED/M、3PCS/group 50mm W:12mm*T:0.25mm*5m
1 led;4 in 1 CL-5050RGBXW060HY24-W12 DC24V RGB+2700-6500K 80 380LM/M、6-8LM 4.8W(W)+14.4W(RGB)/M、0.48W(W)+1.44W(RGB)/group 60LED/M、6PCS/group 100mm W:12mm*T:0.25mm*5m
1 led;4 in 1 CL-5050RGBXW084HY24-W12 DC24V RGB+2700-6500K 80 520LM/M、6-8LM 6.5W(W)+20W(RGB)/M、0.46W(W)+1.4W(RGB)/group 84LED/M、6PCS/group 71.4mm W:12mm*T:0.25mm*5m
1 led RGB CL-5050RGB030HY12-W10 DC12V RGB / / 7W/M、0.7W/group 30LED/M、3PCS/group 100mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-5050RGB060HY12-W10 DC12V RGB / / 12W/M、0.6W/group 60LED/M、3PCS/group 50mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-5050RGB060HY24-W10 DC24V RGB / / 12W/M、1.2W/group 60LED/M、6PCS/group 100mm W:10mm*T:0.25mm*5m
CL-5050RGB120HY24-W20 DC24V RGB / / 20W/M、2W/group 120LED/M、12PCS/group 100mm W:20mm*T:0.25mm*5m


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