One-button smart, everything is connected, smart home


Smart light strip products, from a microscopic point of view, it is home atmosphere decorative lighting. From a macro point of view, it is part of the trend of the Era "Smart Home"
The Internet has brought smart cities, smart offices, smart home appliances, smart security, smart phones
The Internet of Things and smart homes are the next to meet the needs of life in the Internet era,and Smart lighting is part of smart homes.

The added value of smart products is far greater than the product itself.

After a tiring day of work, when I get home, the lights have been turned on in advance,
the air conditioner has made the room warm/cool,
the stereo reminds of beautiful music and feels relaxed,
the washing machine is automatically working,
the sweeper is also quietly automatically jobs.
the pet is enjoying the intelligent temperature adjustment and automatic cleaning of the litter pet nest.
Then Just say to Alexa: Alexa, please turn off the lights, and you can fall asleep peacefully.

That is One-button smart, everything is connected, smart home

The added value of smart products:
1.Era Trends,5G is coming
2.Aiot platform,Internet big data collection,tracking and Crawling user information,analysis your customers and market.
3.Create Smart home, mater all of your home electric equipment by phone ONE key
4.Remote control,everywhere,everytime
5.Voice control,release your hands
6.DIY colors and models
7.Compitable with Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant

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