CL Lighting Tuya Smart Digital LED Strip light( Pixel LED Strip)


Maybe you are used to decorating your home with more and more fantastic LED Strip light, and as with the Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas Day coming upon, you could also add some extraordinary LED Strip into your shopping list? Let’s check the CL lighting Tuya WIFI Smart Digital(Pixel) LED Strip light.
1. About the CL lighting Digital Tuya WIFI LED Strip kits
The Digital LED Strip light is also called Pixel LED Strip light, because there are a lot of Pixels in one line LED Strip light, so it could demonstrate Chasing, Flowing, dream color mode, mainly applied to KTV, Hotel, Home Decor, DJ Club ETC, under the control of WS 2811IC, here below is the pics for your reference:

The WS2811 IC is also mounted in the FPCB, it is called on Pixels, because 1 WS2811 IC Pixel control 3 LEDs, and all the WS2811 pixels could receive the signal from the controllers and show different colors and dynamically changing the colors. And It is DC12V Input, could also include the Jumping/Flashing Functions.

Besides, there are about 200 software color changing modes written in the IC, so more than 16 million colors could be showed, and more colors could be shown in one LED Strip light:

2. What’s the differences between the regular RGB LED Strip light and digital(Pixel)LED Strip light?
The Digital(Pixel) LED Strip is changing color dynamically and the regular WIFI LED Strip light is static
Difference 2: >200 modes VS No mode
> 200 modes software is written in the MS2811 IC, so it could read the order from the human beings and changing the modes to satisfy different Human beings’ preferences, the modes are including METEOR, FLASHING, CHASING,FLOWING, BREATHING, etc. However the regular LED Strip kits only showing the colors statically.
Difference 3: Multi-color VS Single colors shown in the same LED Strip at the SAME TIME.
Benefits from the IC control, the digital Pixel LED Strips are able to show Multi colors at the SAME TIME in ONE LED Strip while the regular RGB LED Strip could only SINGLE color in ONE LED Strip, pls check both the regular WIFI RGB LED Strip and Digital Pixel LED Strip pics as below:
Regular RGB

Digital RGB

3. CL Lighting Smart TUYA WIFI Controlled Digital(Pixel) LED Strip light
Unlike the regular RF OR IR Digital(Pixel) LED Strip, Shenzhen CL lighting is launching a new Tuya WIFI Digital LED Strip light, and it is 100% different and could work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance, let’s have a look:
A. WIFI APP controlled and Voice Activated such as Amazon Alexa OR Google Assistance:

B. More modes such as METEOR, FLASHING, CHASING,FLOWING, BREATHING for you to choose from:

D. Connections:

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