5050 RGB 12V 30leds/M 5m/reel


The RGB LED Strip Light has 150 units of 5050 LEDs with brightness dimmer

【Multiple scenes available】 The LED strip lights can be used to decorate your dining room, bedroom, ceiling, corridor, kitchen, computer desk and worktops, in particular it is ideal for holidays and events such as Christmas, Halloween, holidays and more. It is a great gift for your family and friends!

【Simple installation】 Our rgb led light strips are made with high quality 5050 LED lights. It is NOT waterproof which can stick more securely. It is not necessary to weld or screw. (The strip lights can be cut on every 3 LEDs along the cut marks, without damaging the resting strips.)

【All in One a Kit】 1 roll of 5 m LED lights, 24-key IR remote control receiver, 12V / 3A adapter
Warm tip: before connecting the lights of the LED strips, clean the dust of the objects to be decorated and keep it dry for easy adhesion.


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