2019 GILE Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition CL LIGHTING booth

Youtube video:  https://youtu.be/t9tQtI99gLA 9 to 12June,2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) held in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair, from22countries and regions, 2626 exhibitors brand, full display advanced lighting related products and innovative applications.With its creative booth design, intelligent control and high-quality products, CL LIGHTING Exhibition Hall has attracted many domestic and foreign architectural and […]

Wifi smart RGB LED Strip color box set [China factory]

How does Wifi smart LED strip light Kit work? First step 1. Connect the power supply, wifi controller and led strip. Please pay attention to the output voltage of power supply and input voltage of led strip, make sure both of them are the same voltage. Now, we finished connecting. 2. Turn on the power […]

Market application of LED strips

Light strips, talking about this word, there may be many friends who don’t know what it is, but everyone should have seen it in their normal life. Light strip, as its name suggests, its shape is like a long strap, like a rope, the difference is that the light strip can be illuminated, the lighting […]

The four principles of interior lighting design, have you done it?

First of all, it is also the most basic: indoor lighting design should pay attention to functionality. The interior lighting design must meet the functional requirements. This is the basic appeal of humans to the light source after the torch is placed. However, when choosing lamps and designing lights, we choose different lighting methods and […]

Tuya WIFI control track led linear light

1) Beam Angle : 20° / 30° / 60° / 90°. 2) Length: 600mm /1000mm. 3) 0.6m 20W, 1M 30W. 4) Ra80 130lm/W; Ra90, 110lm/W. 5) Compatible with the track rail system of the main 6 famous brands in EU, such as STAFF, EUTRAC, NORDIC, GLOBAL, Nuco, IVELA. 6) LM-80 LED chips, SMD2835. 7) 4 […]

Lighting design – it may not be used every day, but the light strip is not a chicken rib.

Space is the essence of architecture, and “light” is the soul of space. Light Washing Wall Many designers today are in interior design, The concept of “light strip” will be introduced to light up the space. While enriching the spatial context, It also creates a visual sense of light and dark levels, contrast between reality […]

What’s the market trend of smart lighting device?

According to the latest IDC report and prediction, SMART HOME will be the biggest consuming sector of IOT by 2023. The report also noted in earlier of the year that global shipments of smart home devices will exceed 800 million units in 2019 and expect to increase to 1.6 billion units by 2023. This is […]

Smart WIFI LED Strip Kits

Smart WIFI LED Strip Kits 1. Function of reset button : Scene mode change; double click twice quickly to turn off; press over 6’s to reset use for network pairing. 2. WIFI connect, mobile phone APPcontrol, Android and IOS support. 3. Full range of W/ W+WW/ RGB/ RGBW / RG BWW available. 4. Voice and […]

After the GILF,CL lighting SMART LIGHT in hot selling! What are you waiting for?

2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair finished on 12th,June,2019. During the week after finished,there are many customers visit our factory. We are produce&sales company,so customers always confirm the contract when they visit our factory. At the same time,our old customers trust CL lighting and show their big interest in our smart kits. So our smart kits […]

LED Track Lighting: How To Choose the Right Fixture for Your Needs

Track lights are installed on ceilings and walls in locations that demand performance and adjustability. These lights are ideal for directional lighting—for example: focusing light on artwork or other objects and task lighting. Track lighting is flexible, so adjusting lights to match rearranged furniture is easy to do, and this lighting solution is the best […]

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