Shenzhen CL Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., is one of the sub-companies of banqcn Group, ISO9001:2015 certified with 20,000 square meters. Our major business concentrated in Europe, North-America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. With over 10 years of experience in the supply of LED strips and related commercial lighting, we have succeeded in winning wide recognition from customers.
Our mission
Our mission is to deliver a leading edge solution to our customers by providing the widest range of products for applications in different industrial sectors.
CL Lighting specializes in the R&D, production, sales and after-sales of Smart LED Strip Kit, Smart LED Ambient Light, Smart LED Controller and related lighting solutions.

CL LIGHTING attends professional lighting fairs including Guangzhou Lighting Fair, HongKong Lighting Fair, L&B, Moscow Lighting Fair, Light ME, Poland Lighting Fair, Chicago Lighting Fair, Las Vegas Lighting Fair, Indonesian Lighting Fair, Thai Lighting Fair etc., we are looking forward an encounter with you! And we hope one day in the future, you will say: I saw you in some Lighting Fair!
Our culture
Persistence, Execution, Sharing, Obligation, Vocation, and Reward.
Core values
Realize our dreams by helping others to realize their dreams.
Let us work together and head for a brighter future.

Letter from Chairman

I often think that if only do one thing in my life, what will I choose to do. 10 years, I gave myself an answer with action: Create an international lighting brand that originate in China and shock the world.

Ten years of glory, witnessing the rise and fall of traditional lighting industry; The Internet, enlighten me to a new chapter.The future of lighting must be through the market segmentation and the path of differentiation. Survive in the market segment, specialized and professional, to achieve the ultimate!

I was born in the countryside, without any background, only to make more efforts. I spend most of my energy on running the company, hoping to make the product the ultimate and illuminate the world.Successful industrialists are mostly successful product managers. We are not necessarily the best inventors, but we are be able to “help others realize their dreams and realize dream of ourselves!”

This is an era of respect for individuality. We should divide customers and audiences with values, literacy, hobbies, and convergence of consumer attitudes.This year, the company has decided on a new strategy: to create CL LIGHTING as a Middle/High-end lighting brand! On R & D, through product iterative, ongoing product upgrades, optimize the user experience, and ultimately find a practically perfect solution.

Consumer product experience almost harsh, quality and service are equally important. The most powerful added value of a brand should come from service.I hope that in the near future, “CL Lighting” will become a high-end lighting brand. Implanting high-quality content on the product, enhancing the fun and interactive feelings of technology, and letting the intimate dialogue between the product and the user become one.

Everyone has their own dreams, the lighting dreams of the Chinese, I hope that I will be the director...